Are you looking for a great prom DJ or school dance DJ?  Whether it is a prom, school dance, homecoming, end of the year party, fundraiser or any other occasion, Live Entertainment Solutions can provide your school or university with a DJ experience that is unmatched by any other company in Jacksonville, FL.    


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Did You Know?

During prom season, each schools prom committee get together every year to decide every aspect of their upcoming prom.   Even middle schools have committees that get together to make certain decisions about their upcoming dance or 8th grade party. The entertainment, in most cases a prom DJ, in my opinion, is the most critical decision to be made. The success or failure of the evening depends on the DJ or entertainment.  Most high schoolers are not going for the food, decor, pictures, or venue.  They are going to dance to the music they want to hear, and have the time of their life.  Who is responsible for this? The DJ!  From the worst-case scenario of a Prom DJ who doesn't show up, to equipment failure (followed by lots of angry teenagers), to the "old school" DJ who still plays the same music he has played for the last 20 years. If you’re looking for the cheapest DJ you can find, you’re doing it wrong. 

Price In Perspective

Let us break it down for you, and put the price of a prom in perspective.  According to a survey from Visa in 2015:

  • Southern families will spend an average of $544 on prom night and $305 on “promposal” for a total spend of $859

  • Families with a total household income below $50,000 a year plan to spend $1109 on the prom. Disconcertingly, those families making under $25,000 will spend a total of $1393 for the prom, while families who make over $50,000 will spend an average of $799. 


Most venues for a prom will cost anywhere from $6,000 – $18,000 for the night. It is still very surprising to me when the first question I receive from so many schools is how much I charge.  Even middle schools, where the dances are usually less of a "production" than high schools.  If price is more important than quality, than I may not be the right fit for you and I will be happy to recommend you to a lower quality DJ.   If this sounds like you, please take a moment to understand why the DJ should be the most important investment of the night.

Benefits Of A Professional (Not Cheap) Prom DJ

  • Music is "life" to some teenagers. Having a DJ who knows how to identify what’s not only popular, but ‘works’ and in what moment and order is very important.

  • Clean songs should be played at a school dance or prom. “Clean” doesn’t just mean curse words, but also violent attitudes and explicit content. We use interaction for the younger crowds to help steer them away from "dirty dancing."

  • A professional DJ knows how to read a crowd. If song “1” worked, they know that song “2” and “3” will also work. Knowing what songs will work and when, only comes with experience.

  • Slow songs, but not many slow songs.  Sweating in a tux or dress while barely moving is something most kids to not want to experience.

  • Knowing how to flow smoothly through different levels of energy, and knowing when to end a peak in energy, prevents this.

  • Nerves.  Most students will act like their nerves are not kicking in.  This is NOT TRUE.   Do you remember what it was like to be in High School? A professional DJ can quickly remove those nerves with the right music and interaction, and will do it without even "trying". If the DJ has to try too hard, he’s not doing his job right. 

  • Lighting.  Most people are uncomfortable being the center of attention. With house lights on, people will not dance no matter how hard you try. Professional DJ lighting allows enough light for safety, but not so much that the students feel like they’re in the spotlight.  Those student that want to be in the spotlight, will get this luxury as well.

  • Professional DJs have back-up equipment.  We always have a back-up plan.

  • These days knowing how to interact on a microphone can make or break a school dance or prom.  Knowing when to interact and when not to depending on the demographic is a huge key to success or failure.  We understand that some schools need little to no interaction, and others absolutely love it and want it every single time.

I’m not saying you have to break the bank on your DJ.  But if your Prom DJ is asking for anything under $1,000 for Prom, I recommend you keep looking.

You get what you pay for these days.  Would you eat a $3 steak? Why not? Cause something *has* to be wrong with it! It is simple.  Nobody can put the time, effort, equipment, music research, and practice into a career paying any less. The only exception to this being either a DJ who isn’t charging enough to stay in the business very long, or someone who’s using your event as practice to get more experience.

Keeping Them At The Prom or Dance

Besides the "time of your life" atmosphere that the DJ should create, it’s very important to think of the safety of keeping the students at Prom or Dance. Students who leave the venue may no longer be supervised, and all of their parents assume they are still at the Dance or Prom. A "bad" DJ will send students home hours early, which is terrible for so many reasons. 

Do your homework

A pretty looking website with lots of great pictures doesn’t mean much.  Who knows if those pics are even from a party they did themselves?  Our video speaks for itself.  We film video ourselves at every single event we attend.  For an event as important as Prom or school dance, you should meet with the DJ in person. Applying to be your DJ is just the same as applying for any job. Questions are more than welcomed.  We can share stories with you about school events we have done that were both positive and negative.   A professional DJ company won’t mind telling you about the mistakes they learned from along the years. 

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